More Tire ?'s From A Newb


At what point to you know a tire is "worn out"? Visually? Tread depth? Feel on the kart? What do you "look" for? I guess what I'm really wanting to know is if I'm wasting tire prep and time on tires that are no good. Thanks guys! (I run Maxxis Pink and Blues)



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obviously if there are blisters. then your knowledge of the tire if bought new or second hand. a new tire you should have a good idea on how much you've used it. a experienced tire the life will be shorter as its been ran before so you only have your use as a guide.
the edges or corners are a good indicator watch the parting line from the factory mold once those have disappeared or there is the aforementioned blistering starting on the sholder then its probably time.
tread depth is not the best indicator .
handling and lap times falling off with no amount of adjustments or prep making a noticeable change in performance. Agree pumping prep and time into a junk tire is bad business.
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To Keep Maximum speed with Maxxis pinks on 90 % of the tracks that make decent grip you can only run them 2 to 3 races, flip them on the rim and repeat keep them for lower grip tracks buy new set, once the shoulder wears ( rounds off they loose speed ) so yes you would just be wasting your time and prep. There are a few tracks around you can get by with a more cured Re-rolled BUT even then the shoulder of the tire cannot be to worn away.


What racing promoter said is spot on!! When our track went to an open tire rule, Maxxis pinks and blues became a hot combo. Had to flip them after three races,then 2 more races and junk them.