motor builder question on modified clone engine!


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running a dirt 1/8 track, new to these clone engines, getting smoked outta the corners but not at the end of straight, here Is what I was running:
196 cc red ducar
cl1i cam
.930 pipe with muffler
18 lb vavle springs
billet flywheel
stock head and cc (changing now)
Need to know opinions on what I should run for a modified clone, have to run gas, must be stock appearing
what cam?
what should I cc head?
probably with run a new piston .020?
stock valves?
what springs?
what exhaust? and will they hear what I have in it if I run a header?
I have a BIG worked gas carb
flat top piston bigger cam clean up the ports. do you want a modified or cheater stock? 18lb springs and (will they hear it in header) do not add up .