motor weight?

maybe in the 50-60 pound range. the biggest thing is the size of box. Have then put in a cooler and pipe in different box. If it in mn,il,ia,wi use speedie
i will have mine off this weekend
I also have a good core engine and a pipe if you need one jake .. i dunno what you are spending, but mine is suppsed to be a 2001, the number plate is violated, so i dont know. I have a brand new cylinder to go with, id have to look to see how complete i could make it
I'm looking at trading some old flat kart parts for one problem is it's in NC and I'd have to pay freight on both so just try'n to see if it's worth while or if it would be better in the long run to just hold off and get something local
I'm thinking about it would like to run a bike motor on the new chassis i'm building but with only one other 250 in the area i'm not going to drive 2 hours to run with one other kart and cant afford an open right now. It would also help me get a jump start on things for when evan has to move up here 2 years
we could probably work something out on my 125 stuff that would work for us both if your deal falls through
I have a motor minus the reed cage, i do have a carb and M A Y B E a reed cage
i know the top end is in bad shape, i havent opened it or even looked in, but that os a problem
i also have a new cylinder that was a spare i think for the ftz motor that is on the 8 car now .. cylinder is brand new and 54mm as far as i know
I have an rlv pipe w/o silencer that is the same as the pipe i run
if i have any ignition at all it isnt complete. but i probably have some. Motor was raced at ECS, not sure about condition, My plan was to build it as a spare, but after the season starts, we are going to start shopping for a motor for our 2015 open class deal