Motorama questions???


Gonna try to take my daughter to run Blue plate there.
Is the track coke syrup? I remember reading somewhere there was nothing on the track.
If the track isnt treated to you need as much left weight as say Syracuse?
What tires and prep will be fastest there? I have indoor stones if those work.
Nerf bars need to be stock? I saw you cant have any steel or weight on them. I have the plate for the weight welded that ok?
Anyone have any tips? Never been there before......please PM if you dont want the tips out there...LOL.
Track is brake fluid and rosin. From my understanding the nerf bar you described would not be legal. Cut fire stones would work there also some people use dunlops or Buriss. As far as prep typically you want something with some amount of creo in it. Get ahold of JP Curry, Lance Yeager or Stiffie. They will all be able to get you going fast with the right tires and prep. Also the more left the better as always for indoor racing.
The track is bare concrete but it bites up hard like Syracuse...nerf bar has to remain stock, no weight added
I haven't been there in awhile but I had thought it was brake fluid and rosin. JP kicks butt there every year he would know better then me.
They don't apply any treatment to the surface.

Nerf bars cannot have any additions to them...plates, weights, etc

Your typical indoor tires/prep will work fine.

The track starts off slick but bites up real hard...I have seen it get more bite then Syracuse