Mounting Digatron DT32 on PRC Seraph


I just bought a PRC Seraph chassis and am mounting a Digatron tach. My question is this: I have the tach mount bracket that is on the steering shaft. Can I mount the tach directly to the aluminum mount or does there need to be some sort of vibration dampner / isolator between it and the aluminum bracket? I ran a sprint kart several years ago and this was my leftover tach. It originally mounted in the center of the steering wheel, but I'd like to move it to the tach bracket. Will it damage the internals if it is hard mounted?

Thanks for any input.
If you are using the two studs on the back of the unit then I would recommend using a thin piece of rubber between unit and the aluminum bracket, if you are using the two holes on the bottom of the unit for mounting then its not necessary, The two studs on the back are right where the circuit board is inside the unit. If its the real old unit that had the one stud on the back with a ball then definitely use an isolator.
It is the older ball type. Should I use some 1/4" pieces of rubber between it and the aluminum mount bracket? (I have removed the ball and just have a stud coming out the back now.
Yes just cut some rubber about 1/4 inch thick and also use a rubber washer and lock nut on the stud on nut side of aluminum bracket that way it will dampen both sides of stud from the aluminum mount.