Muffler Clamp


Use the stainless steel RLV clamp. Make sure you are not clamping so the muffler can slide in on the header and loosen up.


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Jim Frantz .
Local guys were using them when I moved to Indiana back in '84. That's as far back as I remember seeing them. There's a factory here that makes them. I've seen a lot of strange clamps on 2 cycles over the years as well -- some better than others.
Funny how prices come down on some things. Often times it has something to do with the country of origin.

I've personally never had a problem with the aluminum pinch clamps, but I've seen several of them laying on the track or had to have that "talk" with racers in the tech barn post-race.

No matter what clamp a guy uses, it still needs to be checked and safety wired.


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Fun Fact . The first documented clamp was made in 1896 .
The first worm drive in England 1921 .


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OK Ok Ok I give.
I started using the "T" bolt version on all my engines when the Animal first hit the race track because they were better than the aluminum clamps.
My goodness i think that was 1999.
Now i use the other type that doesn't have the threaded stud sticking out.
I think they are more safe.