MUSIC BARN NCDS September 7, 2019 at Liberty Raceway Park

Our next NCDS on September 7 will be sponsored by Music Barn of Greensboro. Music Barn is located at 920 South Chapman Street, Greensboro, NC. The owner of the Music Barn, Tommy Handy, is the son of our own beloved and so missed Ivan Handy. Mr Ivan was a devoted Limited Modified supporter that had fallen to the grips of cancer. They have raced here as long as Tommy and I and that has been longer then most of you are old. Tommy Handy raced with his dad and pays a visit to us from time to time. He made wonderful memories with his father through racing at Liberty Raceway and for those memories, he wouldn’t replace them for anything just as you are doing with your family and friends. We want to thank Mr Handy for coming on as a race sponsor for 2019. We certainly appreciate his generosity. He has quite an interesting place of business so please drop by and visit with him. There is also Jam Sessions on Thursday’s and you can find more information about that on their Facebook, Music Barn, Inc. Once again, we would like to thank Mr Tommy Handy and Music Barn for coming on as race sponsor of our NCDS #6. Race format will be coming out soon. Registration is up and running which you can find on the website If you plan to attend, feel free to go ahead and register.
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