Must have tools?


I plan on continuing being a low budget racer.
Havent had no problems yet. But what are somemust have tools, other than the wrenches/rachets set up?

Wanna make sure im not missing anything.


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Tools to remove the flywheel. Correct socket, impact wrench, hammer, large screwdriver, keyways.


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An impact , stagger tape, durometer, scales and caster/camber and toe gauges. Also never hurts to have vice grips lol.

Biggest, cheapest, most helpful tool I think would be a notebook so you can keep track of everything your doing.

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You say you're a budget racer, I can understand that, been there done that. Still, I found the air density gauge to be very useful, if not essential. Air density and getting the right jet for the ambient conditions go hand-in-hand. People will tell you that these small engines don't respond to air density, trust me, they don't know what they're talking about. In my 50+ years in and around karting, I made a lot of mistakes, I did a few things right, and buying an air density gauge was one of the things I did right. Longacre, on the net, they sell the gauge, has some articles you might find interesting.

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Just make sure you have every tool to take off and tighten every nut/bolt
Chain break, tire gauge, tire band (not a bucket), tire duro., Allen wrenches, screw driver/Phillips, snap ring pliers, socket for spark plug, zip ties, hammer
Extra nuts and bolts, wheel studs and wheel nuts, extra chain, batteries for tach



To Add "Good" snap ring pliers .
They are not all the same . I do not care for the removable tip type at all .
Yes i made this mistake already this year. On top of removable tip. Got them on sale at harbor freight. Thru them away.

Thanks everyone for input.


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So what brand is "Good" for snap ring pliers? I wrastled mine last night for 30min and finally gave up.
Channel lock , snap on , mac , klien. Otc , husky , craftsman , s-k .
Others im sure , nappa could have a good set , just gotta lookem over .
Piston circlips are the worst . Definatly need high quality there .