Mychron 4 Help

I have a Mychron 4 2t and I just recently purchased a new cht lead for it. The lead says it fits 3,4 and 5. I can not get it to plug in.....the lead has 3 pins and the temp port on the mychron has more pin outs than that....t least 6 I think. Anyone have any experience or advice with this? Thanks!


Dawg 89
I dont know but would not think so. Your sure you have the right temp lead ?
Was it a ebay or amazon item?
Call mychron best bet .
Thanks flattop. I ordered the one that said it was for a mychron 3 ,4 and 5. I ordered from reputable kart shop. If someone can post some pics for me I can show you what I have. I will have to mychron tomorrow I guess


Even the standard mycron has the funny little multi pin plug . Kinds round 1/4 inch or so like a din connector .
I've never used the removable lead but its got a square yellow plug .
Thanks guys. I talked to a mychron rep. For future reference.....there is a difference between a standard 4 and a 4 2t. Basically I need what’s called a double yellow patch cable. Connects to the 7 pin connector on the mychron 4 and splits into 2 different blade style connectors. So the new lead I bougjt is not blade style at all. I have the round threaded end that I thought would screw directly into the mychron 4 head unit. So basicaly I need 2 cables to get CHT with the 2T model. Anyone want to buy a brand new CHT lead? Lol