Mychron 4 lap times issue


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We had a big race yesterday and all was well with my Mychron 4 throughout practice and qualifying BUT after our race, I hit the Mem/ok button (bottom right) to see lap times and it just shows one long session and the timer still running.
Like I said it was fine all day until feature race.

I always clear data after each session and no configuration settings were changed.
Any idea what happened?

I did notice the rpm displayed like 2200 rpm after the race but the motor was OFF. ??
Maybe my rpm lead? But during the race my tattle light WAS functioning at the proper time (6000). .... I am stumped.

Why would the rpm lead affect the lap timing?

Help please.
had issues like that before sent it in and had it gone through. the only real thing mychron said was do not rum rpm and cylinder temp lead together.
Lots do we did and till that point no problem, do not run together now. Before you never knew what it was going to act like .
Plus as a benefit they upgraded it .
We do have rpm and CHT leads routed together.
The tach was just updated by Mychron about a month ago.
3 races on it and it works perfect up to last nights main event.
Turns out others had the same issue...
Possible cause was an additional mychron beacon someone put near the fence in turn four. -I would image this to cause erratic lap times maybe but not ZERO readings at all.
Anyway I was relieved I wasn't the only one who experienced this issue.
Thats where you need to check your settings and set the minimum lap time, that shouldnt have been the problem though, could have also been a dead battery in the beacon.