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Motorsports TV Sponsors Midwest Asphalt Oval Series

January 2, 2014

CONCORD, N.C. – Chris Lafferty’s Motorsports TV is pleased to sponsor the Midwest Asphalt Oval Series in beginning with the 2014 racing season. The new karting series is aimed toward providing national level competition for asphalt oval racing.

The sponsorship will be for the adult “Elite Champion.” Upon completion of the 2014 season, the “Elite Champion” driver will receive an invitation to participate in Lafferty Motorsports Driver Development Program in the heart of NASCAR country: Concord, NC.

The Lafferty Motorsports Driver Development Program is designed to provide an opportunity for potential drivers to make it into racing. It’s possible at the completion of the program, a driver may have the opportunity to become a driver for Lafferty Motorsports and soon find themselves as a driver in one of their local racing divisions or even driver of the No. 89 Lafferty Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado in the NASCAR Camping World Series.

Midwest Asphalt Oval Series looks forward to working with their new sponsor and the running of the 2014 season.


“Chris Lafferty’s Motorsports TV” is hosted by NASCAR driver Chris Lafferty, who brings new life to learning cool things in the motorsports community. With the knack to say it in ways that those young and old alike can relate to, this is sure to be the sought-after performance educational television show.

You’ll get an inside look at the world of racing and see what only the privileged few have ever seen. Travel with Chris through his race shop and get ready for a mind overload of info! He will visit manufacturers who have been instrumental in motorsports as well. The show will help you learn things that most of the racing community keeps quiet!

In addition to Lafferty, the show also stars his daughter Hannah who hosts “Hannah’s Corner,” a segment for young adults that is a bit lighter yet oh so very informative. Women and children alike love Hannah because she is a positive, well-spoken role model.

Filming is held in the studio as well as on site at some of your favorite race tracks and race shops. Special guests, including big name NASCAR and racing stars alike, will also stop by to visit the show. The show is fast-paced, full of eye candy and information.

For more information on “Chris Lafferty’s Motorsports TV,” be sure to visit the all-new!
This will be decided over 5 races 5 tracks roughly 50 days apart entry fees are $35 dollars per class. Might be worth traveling to. As far as younger drivers the adult classes start off at 14 years of age in the champs, 15 in flat karts anyone younger would have to many factors for the future as the time and resources put into them will be quite large.

1) Passing Points (1 point per pass in heats and features no negative points will be awarded. This will be scored from subtracting starting position from finishing position)

2) Finishing Position (example: 1st 25 points, 2nd 24 points, 3rd 23 points etc. Heats and Features)

3) Class Entries (1 point for the entries into a class during the weekend)

4) Honor to Series-(X5 if the racer attends all 5 races) 5 points/ weekend with the 5X bonus if earned

This will be designed so any Adult driver can win the Elite Series Champion Title regardless of class. By using this scoring system it allows the racer to keep track if they wish throughout the season that way there is a record trail. I don't want anyone to feel as if they are cheated out of the opportunity I will be presenting as a incentive to winning this prestigious title. By winning this it will be soon known as the toughest title in karting to date as there is only one winner per year. MAOS will have Elite Point Standings posted after each weekend if you think your score is incorrect please let us know as MAOS will review the results. Racers racing several classes will have a separate score for each class ex. John Smith-A John Smith-B John Smith-C etc the champion will be the top name overall.
Looks good
hope to see ya at the races

That is the only downfall of the series. I will not be racing the series because my main purpose is promoting it. I probably wanna race it more than anyone ask those who know me. I hope I am doing karting a great service with low entry fees, championships with some payout, and the main reason family bonding time. That means more to me than turning laps but I will get my fix at asphalt tracks in the Midwest during the off weeks.
Any adult driver... pay close attention to the points system as it breaks it down... someone in any class could win champ, kt100, animal, clone you could potentially win the elite championship only racing 4 weekends or less. but odds will be against you as those who race 5 get a 5x multiplier for their honor to the series points (3 weekends= 15, 4 weekends=20, 5 weekends= 25x5=125) race 1 class you have 1 shot race 2 2 shots race 3 3 shots to win it so on so forth. By helping out budget racers we will brand your tires after the heat races (you may have new set for each heat race) but must run 4 maos branded Vegas for the feature to (unless in a open tire class). Once branded they are good for the series. Schedule is on the website as well as class information. Join Facebook page too. Pre-entry is recommend as this is a championship series it helps with weekend awards as this is not a huge money series. I made entry fees low for a reason. Please don't abuse the privilage as purses are determined by entries and sponsors. I made it possible so please as this IMO is a true National series format prices are lower than anything else and are still top notch. Let race to find the best! Chaos of MAOS!
This is a Vega Spec tire series below are the classes $35 dollar entry fees and pay scale:

KID KARTS - trophy
PUTT PUTT - trophy
JUNIOR 1 - 20% payback
JUNIOR CHAMP - 20% payback
JUNIOR 2 LIGHT - 30% payback
JUNIOR 2 HEAVY - 30% payback
PRO JUNIOR - 30% payback
ADULT STOCK LIGHT - 40% payback
ADULT STOCK HEAVY - 40% payback
ADULT FLATHEAD - 30% payback
PRO ANIMAL - $100 from J2K Motorsports + 40% payback
KT100 - 100% payback (open tire)
UAS - 100% payback (open tire)
ADULT CHAMP - 40% payback
RWYB - 60% Payback

Other sponsors have not been placed yet because they haven't specified which class to call their own also, we are still seeking class sponsors if you are interested please email Awards (trophy and plaques) will be provided if they allocated from the sponsor's purse. Please note we as the series are only getting 57% of the $35 dollar entry fee ($20) the rest is going back to the track. This is why the purse's percentage may seem low. There are options on the entry form to up the purse very very quickly. This is the bare minimum we are going to give at each race as we must have resources to pay for the series and personnel, purse racing can add up fast. Class rules are on the website
Yes this is the benefit of running a bigger class 20 entries = 20 points, for anyone in that class that is what makes the championship unique and able to win in any class. Below is an example of a race weekend here is an example on how to calculate:

Pro Animal- total 22 entries

Entrant- Kartracer24

1st heat- 3rd place - 23 points + 5 passing points = 28
2nd heat- 5th place - 21 points + 1 passing points = 22
Feature- 2nd Place - 24 points + 10 passing points = 34

add all of them up:
84 points + 22 entries + 5 weekend points = 111 points towards your Elite Standings
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so if you don't run a big class you have no chance to win the big prize. the 35 dollar entry should all go to purse and atleast 80percent payback. you need to pick one class because you you are comparing apples to oranges.
This format gives anyone a chance to win it. Take that away and it changes the way the title is won which makes it less unique. The series is not a money series but a Championship driven. The money to run a series has other uses besides purses. This is my view on payout, since the sport is driven by racers and the sponsors they should be the one providing purses. My job isn't to pay the racer but to provide them with a venue, schedule, and sponsors to support it. Promoting it. I posted the minimum of what I can do as a promoter but that doesnt mean it is what its going to be. There will be a series in 2014 no matter what and it will be championship driven and a concentration on the family. Thank you I love the questions and concerns keep them coming.
I like the Elite Championship format and as far as pay you're right staats27 it shouldn't be you paying the racer as I can tell you aren't going to make hardly anything off the series which is wrong if you are putting the effort in you should get something. So don't listen to those that are saying they want more want more they probably won't show up anyway. As far as I am concerned you are the best and only Asphalt Series to run for a number of reasons: 1) price holy cow! 2) awards I mean a NASCAR prize hello! prove yourself! 3) 5 race series spread between months I did the math I will get 3-4 paychecks between the races, nice! 4) Only National Asphalt Series! So again don' t stress the people who doubt as they are just sitting here and down grading the people who care for the sport and creating a bad name for themselves. Anyone that pours this much effort in should be commended not criticized. I have no idea who you are and its pretty obvious you're a great promoter and know the role of what it takes as well as your specific roles. Until someone is in your shoes they have no right to tell you what to do. See you at the first race!
Not trying to be a downer, but you need to be realistic with the NASCAR ride offering...unless im missing something, this is only an opportunity to TEST a truck one actually RACE for them, you will need to bring sponsorship $$ to the table to make it happen.

Actually its a prepaid $1850 normal fee into their Driver Development program as I read it...not a bad deal at all....who knows maybe if a person impresses them enough they would also waive the fees for the "Go for it" program....
Ive looked into a few of these deals before...basically you pay the fee, go down and test the car/truck...then they give you the "tools" to market yourself to bring $$$ to the team.

They are looking for someone that can bring money to the table, not really a driver per-say.