Nc uas 2014?

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
Who's the coordinator for our region this year?
Any word on the schedule?

Just curious what's in the works....

Charlie Stoffa N.C Kent Hollifield S.C. UAS Hay Gorge u going to show your face at any races this year with that big new Jawa u are getting everybody wants to meet the phantom???????????????
He's been a phantom since he first started posting on here, years ago. I think Seay said he thought he knew who he was a couple years back. I have never seen him...course, I am a bit north.
Hey, I was a phantom once too! :) Yeah, I'll probably do NC and SC races..... Guess I'll stay tuned. I thought Chris Harris' was going to do the NC side but hadn't heard anything.
If I am not wrong Charlie runs the CUAS region, both Carolinas, and Kent a nother different region called SCUAS mainly in South Carolina. Leggs used to run the KOCUAS in past years. Hope I can go down for some race next season.
I think the NC/SC UAS contingent ought to form an asphalt sprint UAS at Mooreseville and Carolina Motorsports Park too..... Mostly as a fun/hobby/bragging rights class. :) I have a spare chassis for sale if anyone's interested -- '99 CRG Iris (Factory driver chassis) that has only been run a couple seasons and on long-track roadracing (ie. not flexed out or banged up.) $500 for my UAS brethren, $800 anyone else! :)
Well guys I just moved up to NC from FL. I ran with the Dog Pound. I am looking forward to running up here. I just need to know if there is a schedule ready yet.

That's what I was trying to find out, Frankie. Welcome to NC...I presume you'll find it less humid but nearly as hot. :) Most of the CUAS races have been western NC/northern SC so far -- we'll see what this year has in store.
It's often February before you can get a good grasp on the local schedules. Trying to stay off of conflicts with certain other series makes the schedule quite complicated. Kent's "SCUAS" will have races an average of 4 hours from Raleigh. Last year Charlie's CUAS followed the Maxxis Mid-Atlantic series with races in NC, SC, and VA.
I would like to run my kart before I go down to FL to run my dad's memorial race at the end of March. I need to break in my dads K30 and K35