Necessary extras for track

Try and leave your snap-on tools at home , they will get lost . A lots of extras need lots of space ( large trailer ) . Carry 1 or 2 extra bolts and nuts , clips , cotter pin that fit your kart , chain lube , brake clean , WD-40 , 1 extra chain , selection of gears for your track ( don't take 53 -100 if you are using 70's ) . Get a air tank or a battery powered air compressor , some battery powered lights if running at night . This is a minimum for the track , I started with a 4x8 flat trailer and a car . Fishing tackle boxes are good tool and parts boxes
Thanks. I’ve got a 5x10 trailer that I’ll be using so this is great info. I was thinking I would have to load up my shop but I knew that would be overkill.