Neck collar?


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I am looking to get a neck collar for next season. The issue is, I have no neck to speak of. It was like God mounted my head directly to my shoulders. In addition to that I have a 22 inch neck, so the foam collars choke the living daylights out of me. I was looking at either the Valhalla or EVS. I wonder if anyone who has my condition has used either of these or something else that may be a better solution. If you know of anything that might fit the bill, please let me know!
I used to have problems with the foamies cutting my air off went to a 360 and it was night and day difference. I wouldn't run a flat kart without it again
The device does it's job.

My son was recently involved in a head on cage kart collision and upon reviewing the GoPro footage, it is clear that the device did the job, especially when flexing the neck. Conversely, the other driver's neck was flexed maximally and bent to one side - unf he only had the foam collar on. We also run a helmet restraint device which keeps the head from extending laterally to a large degree.
have raced for the past two seasons with my Valhalla....ain't nobody gonna take it from me! lol!! I won't race without it...won't even get in the kart and let the engine fire without having it on....I've flipped once wearing it and that proved once and for all that it was the best $180 I've ever spent....
I also have a short neck and have problems on my circle track flat kart with it not letting me tilt my head far enough forward without hitting the chin bar on my helmet, currently went back to a foam collar but would like to keep the 360 on. Any advice is much appreciated.

Brad... we're sorry that you're run into this problem.

We're still a few months out on, but we are working on a solution that will address this problem.
i find the chin pad holds my impact charger up higher than i'm comfortable with because of the extended chin foil....but i haven't and won't modify the 360 as i also use a simpson voyager....the charger and the voyager are set up for different racing having to swap shields all the time!!