Need a Bandit expert...


I've got a Bandit Y2k I picked up on a trade. How can I find out what year it is? Has a hiemed front end 40 inch 1.250 axle. Originally had a GC body.
Bruce J


Jimbo, Jim Frantz, at Fastermotors can help you. He is on here and has a web site just give him a call.


Nothing on the chassis. But, I had Paul Rice look it over when I had it up at the track. It's 2002-03.
It's a shame really. This is a clean straight little kart. But, there's not much of a market for 15year old Sprint kart.
Too old to race (not really but it's scared off more than one guy), too young for vintage.


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I have raced against old Bandits and even older karts than yours and they were still competitive on 4 cycle classes if you can find the right setup, believe me.
When it comes to racing older or ''out dated equiptment'' you must consider if the operator is able to exceed the capability of the chassis / engine only then it would be an issue JMO.


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Boy, don't look down on those late 90's to early 00's chassis.... they still be kickin' azz hardcore! Basically, nothing has change much from that time to now in terms of technology..... but then again it's not like there's a whole of of technology in a metal tube frame with no suspension components or anything.


There's a lot more involved in that metal tube than meets the eye. A good portion of 2 cycle manufacturers have copied the design layout of the Tony Kart but none of them can match the performance. It's all in the metal. 4cycle is more forgiving though, especially with harder tires. Try to find a new 15 year old Tag kart that can keep up with a current tony kart o sticky tires. Won't happen.

Ted Hamilton

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There's an interesting discussion on kartpulse about "reparto corse" or special chassis produced just for factory drivers, and what's different about them. For one, the Italians steer well away from 4130 as it won't give the performance that other steel does for them. There appears to be a special alloy they prefer for factory chassis, and it goes away noticeably after 4-5 races, and often swapped out after 1 race and 1 practice. Remember, tubes are cheap, the accessories are not... I wish more US manufacturer's sold just bare chassis relatively affordably... It's not like the rest of it goes bad. Anyhow, again, interesting discussion. Bruce, if you didn't sell that Bandit, why not come play at GoPro in the 206 class? Hang some nerfs that allow for CIK bodywork and race against me in my 1998 Birel... lol


I sold the Bandit to Stephen Black last week. But, I’ll be up at GoPro Saturday shaking down my wife’s Birel. My regular kart is a 2017 MGM Espionage.
If I can, I’m going to bring my portable dyno and see if I can drum up some business