need flathead motor WTB

Scary Fazt

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Need help friends.

What kind of motor do we need for our Champ Kart--- we live in Florida and primarily racing there. We run clones in our flat karts and are new to the caged in world. :D

Flatheads sound great just not sure if they run them or only BP motors. And if

flatheads run in champs as well as on pump gas or alcohol.

Thanks for any help so.we can search the classifieds here and find one to buy.
You should check with your track to see what engine the run there on the champs. Maybe post this in the Southeast forum..
At local track they are running Builders Prepared but we were hoping to run a little outside the box. Also weren't very sure what others maybe running in champs elsewhere.
We run flatheads and animals on our champs here in the midwest.

I've got several nice used engines available if you are still looking. If you are wanting the animal platform but stay on gas, I'd highly recommend the Animal ProGas engine -- I'd be glad to build one for you -- Excellent power, 8000 rpm, and simplicity of gas. We also sell a lot of Lo206 engines which are sealed crate engines that make good power on pump gas and are very affordable.

Give us a call if we can be of any help to you.

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
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