Need gearing help and so much more!!


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Extremely new to this.

My boy decided he wanted to get into Karting this year so we picked up a used trick kart and a bone stock predator 212. We plan to run box stock jr predator at Penns Creek. Any suggestions on where to begin with gearing? I've never done anything with karts or dirt track or even turning left 🤷‍♂️.

I need help and more than you could know. Thanks for.any input!


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Not a clue on age or model. I attached a pic. Don't know if that's any help.

So a 17 driver should get me in the ballpark? Then play with rear sprocket size?


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I have not. That was gonna be my next topic. I dont have access to scales per say.

Would 4 identical bathroom scales work to get me in the ballpark? If so what am I aiming for? The class we are going to run has a 260lb minimum weight.

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On the bathroom scales, make sure to get the analog type.
Since leveling is important, one way to insure your readings are relevant is to take your readings on the scales, then turn the kart around 180 degrees (front where the rear was) and make sure the readings are as close as possible on the individual corners.


Some may disagree, but I bought bathroom scales. I think it was a total waste of time and money. Try to find a used set of racing scales if you can. A decent scale rack is just as important.

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4 bathroom scales will work just fine. Be sure that level with each other. Buy a ream of paper to adjust the height. The 180° idea works.

I've included a corner weight page to give you an idea of what to look for. This is just a guess you understand, it may be off.

Gearing advice would best be from local racers.


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Look on the inside of the RF spindle holder, there should be a serial number, then call TRICK @704-883-0089.
They should be able to tell you what year it was made and model and give you scale set-up numbers.