Need help identifying my chassis...


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I have been running a used and alleged 14-15 year old chassis this past year for my 7yo daughter who is racing in the Rookie class. I have tried a few times to search for the make/model of the chassis, but to no avail... The gentleman I purchased it from said he bought it used "years ago" and believed it to be an old Phantom, but after searching, I don't believe this to be the case - it just doesn't match. (Just in case anyone is wondering: I haven't noticed any obvious signs of modification, there is no telltale manufacturer plate anywhere on it, and it shares similarities with about 50 different brands I have looked at so far!, Ugh!)

Other than posting a pic of it (which I will do here shortly), is there any other way I can attempt to search out the make/model? :confused: I am really just curious... :D


I ran into this problem with a straight rail kart i purchased... basically it will come down to the little details. Check for tab locations, seat bar curves, nerf bar mount location, spindle pill design, and bearing hangers. Look over google images by typing in all manufactures names you can think of. You’ll start to eliminate some and get closer to the type of chassis. From that point you can email images to those manufactures from their contact portion of their site. Most manufactures i tried were very knowledgeable and helpful. BUT... a picture on this site would bring a lot of minds together. A wise man once said no one is smarter than all of us. Good luck.


Truth is you may never know for sure what kart it is, through the late 90''s through the early 2000s every yahoo with a pipe bender was making chassis, most were similar in design.
But with pictures we can date the era the kart was made, that can lead to a good baseline setup