need help on choice of brand on limited and open modified


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Witch motor can I get more HP out of and gx200,clone, or the animal and where would the difference be???? I'm think about a limited mod and and open mod,two motors for dirt oval kart racing...I also would like to know if their will be any difference in the cost between the three types???? Thanks
I'd go with the Animal or the Honda. Price will be comparable when new. Used Animal Limiteds from $500-1,000 in classifieds. Open I'd look into a 305 or I have a nice GX390 ready to go, jut add clutch for $750obo.
I'd go with the Briggs engine.
I build them every day and i find the durability / reliability and Hp to be second to none.
If you want to talk just give me a call and i'll explain.
What of open motors will your track allow? If they allow anything I wouldn't waste my time with a pressure washer motor get a real racing engine off a dirt bike or a sudam or wankel or something. Jmho. An open clone will do the job if you want to go cheaper than any and it WILL out power an animal, I out powered 11 open animals on flat karts with my open clone on an over weight wedge this past weekend at the ga state race. I do this all the time, and I've never been out powered by an animal and I've only blown 1 up in 2 yrs, so they will last. The dirt bike motors will be cheaper and more powerful if your track will let you run them
Flash 06 I am not in agreement with what you stated about clones vs animals. I have seen some of the best clones run against some of the best animals in the southeast to base this off of. Apples to apples the animal is a better engine for all out power and reliability. I have ran both and will take my open animal over the best open clone every time.
They are tit for tat, I have never been out powered by one. None of these engines were designed for 25+ hp, yea the animal and gx blocks are better metal and castings than the clone but they all suck and they all will blow just as quick as the other will and that is fact. My point is why spend an extra $250-$350 more for a little better block, then add an extra $100 to the billet crank made by the same company and made out of same material just to blow it up then guess what you got to spend that much more $ to redo it. When a motor is fixing to blow it's gonna blow no matter what crappy pressure washer block you put it in. The clone is superior in that regard and the power is tit for tat, if you think your animal is more powerful then my clone then so be it, a couple hp doesn't win the race, me and my tires do the job. To be totally honest with you I wouldn't mess with these pressure washer motors if the majority of open races around here would allow more 2 strokes and big 4 cycles. I'd much rather be piloting my 50+ hp sudam then a slow pos like an animal,clone, or gx200. Hmm....25hp maybe or 50hp......?
If you just have extra $400-$500 to spend on the same size engine to you do just that I will be laughing all the way to the bank with my winning purse knowing that I really just made an extra $400-$500 dollars than you did on top of the winning purse! When I get off the track with a blown motor I think darn what a bummer, but then I see a fellow racer with a blown animal and I smile! That's a WIN all in itself!
How often do you win these races that pay you an extra $400-$500? When and where are these races? I am not trying to pick on you but it doesn't seem realistic. I stay on the track forums constantly looking for open class races with good payouts ($500 or more) and they are very rare. I love them and race in them as much as possible with my open animals. One of the races I go to is once a year in the fall and it is a $1,000 pay out. It has some of the biggest names in the south that compete in it and the competition is very stiff. They had 20 entries for it this year, and only two of them were clones. The two that did enter didn't finish in the top ten. It's not that the clones are not around, because their are a lot of them, but they know in a high level race like that they are not very competitive against the animals without a good weight break from experience. You should bring your clone motor up in the spring for the next one because it seems as though it would be easy money for you. But I have to warn you, don't count on the competition blowing their animal motors up allowing you to pass them. I hardly ever see a open animal blow up there because the people entering these races i am talking about buy motors from engine builders that know what they are doing. We build our own and have not blown one up in the five or six years we have been doing it. I am sure it can and will happen, but it is not happening frequently like you are seeing where you race at.