Need Help...Side plate bolts keep backing out.


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Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my side plate bolts keep backing out. I have taken it apart and put blue treadlock on them and they are still backing out and causing me to blow the oil gasket out. Any suggestions as to how to stop this. Do I need new bolts? Do I need a new block? Or What???
side plate ? are you talking about the side cover ? if so I use a lock washer it looks like a 12point star on mine have not had any problems and on my other motor I don't use anything and have not had any problems? are you sure you are getting them tight enough ?
Once a side cover comes loose, its hard to ever keep it tight again. When it comes loose, the crank bangs it around loosening the dowel pins. Once the pins are loose, there is nothing to keep the side cover in one spot again. The bolts cant, no matter how tight you put them. A good shoulder bolt that fits snug in the side cover bolt hole would help. Check and see if the dowel pins are loose in the block and side cover. If so, you MAY be able to make some new ones a bit bigger. If they are still tight then buy a stud kit. Get nylon lock nuts to use on the studs. Red locktite the studs in place. Buy a quality gasket. Some gaskets rip and seperate way too easy. Tighten the side cover down but not too tight. Too tight results in gasket being mushed apart. Good luck
Replace the dowl pins. Along with everything stated above. If dowl pins are loose fit in block or side cover replace them.