Need info on axels!


Iv got an 07 bad max in need of a new axel I run a low bite small dirt ovel track looking for a good axel. Need length, thickness, and all that good stuff

I've done lots of testing with axles and a standard thick axle will give you the best results. The standard axle will load the rr harder than a thin axle and make more bite. Thin axles roll faster down the straits but always created a slide for me on corner entry. I'm a super heavy / heavy driver and I noticed the axle flexed instead of planting the weight and was clambering the tires and like I said I slide into the corners and scrubbed speed
I have a good used axle, 32 1/2" long, and about .195 thick, looks to be chromoly, it came off a rohn moon 1 1/4 chassis 2010, $44.00 shipped in the lower 48 states if interested.