Need some help with this Noram Disc Clutch

Ok have a question, Im prity sure the clutch basket should sit down lower but it is sitting against the thrust washers any suggestions or is this normal?
Switch to a different driver..different ones are thicker/thinner then others...that should help..if not then, you can get away without thrust bearing if you have to just make sure you got 1 shim under the driver atleast.
Are you sure thats a noram clutch and not a greased lightning with a noram basket on it? You should be able to have one washer on each side of the thrust bearing, then the basket slides down over both and leave about 1/16 to 1/8" between the bottom of the basket and the bottom of the disc tab, iff that makes sense. Also looks like that basket is in need of replacement pretty badly. There are nice steel baskets available that fit those noram and greased lightning clutches, i believe Tomar makes the steel basket but could be wrong. I had one on my skull and bones
it is Grease lightning bottom end with the noram top. So the 2 are not interchangeable? Look like all the same parts to me. Also is the steel better then the aluminum? I have a greased lightning one with a steel top I changed it because I only own bully drivers.
You can interchange them just fine -- just need to shim them accordingly. You can also put a Bully basket (or aftermarket 8 tab basket) and 8 tab friction discs in it.

Steel wear much longer than aluminum baskets - that's the advantage to steel.

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