Need some infiniti L blocks

I'm trying to pull up that link but it keeps giving me an error. tried their website as well and same thing.
Call them and ask for Villain L blocks in 10 deg. that is what came stock on the XXX
5 deg would only be on the lf for pavement.
That 06 you have isnt silver is it?
Make sure its a XXX as well, many chassis out there people are calling XXX when they are not
It is silver from what I got from wards hes not sure why it has R1 blocks. I think its and 05 not a 06 and model im not sure.
I was told when I bought it it was a 06 xxx but when im looking for parts the triple x parts dont seem to match the parts on the kart

This is a pic of the block. Ill try to get a pic of the chassis uploaded.
This is my personal early 06 XXX, we owned 5 of them, the one in the background is an 05 XXX
Thats a XXX/R1 L Block
05 the first year of the XXX thru 08 the XXX didnt change
in 09 Wards started putting Epic L blocks on the XXX's, they were the same L blocks just different color
would like to see a pic of it, mike built many karts for different shops
Look at the bar that goes under the front of the seat, that is a dead giveaway that its a XXX
If its identical to the one I posted, it may even be 1 of our old karts, they all were sold and went up north
Million dollar question do you know where I can find any of these L blocks. I called wards they don't make them anymore. Called pmi they don't make them either. Have had listings on bobs and numerous other sites and nobody has them. Checked with a local fab shop they want about 350.00 to make me two with retooling time and material. For that price im ready to just go get a different chassis that I can get parts for.
Dixie Karting is closed until Thursday, but the Villain L blocks will work, Nemesis and early Phenom will work as well
Dixie will be the cheapest

Sorry frame looks bad Im blasting it and hope to get it in the booth tomorrow to shoot some new powder on it.
No problem, when you get it together give me a yell, have plenty of setup info on XXX's as well as any Infiniti kart