needing to vent... 1am and cant sleep... =(


so I'll start with the basics... I'm a 28 year old male, that has worked hard my hole life. a bought 2yr ago I landed my dream job as a trainee machinist... I was very happy when I got it!!! I put in an app and told them I would do what it took to learn the trade. didn't matter if it was sweeping the floors or wiping down machines. as long as I was learning the trade! and of curse I was a trainee you get the grunt work... I was ok with that because I was learning the trade and running the machines. long story short me and my shop foreman bumped heads a few times over the work I was doing. when I left my old job I was under the impression that I would be trained to run machines. I would say 80% of the time that wasn't what I was doing... I spent most of my time there polishing parts... and that's just not the job for me!!! I'm WAY to active to spend 10hr a day sanding/polishing parts. so I started pushing them to give me more mill and lath work... that's what I wanted to learn... that's why I was there... i'm seeing parts fly by me that I know I can do! but I wasn't getting them... ended up getting in to a big one with my foreman and he took me into the boss... and I explained to them I was un happy with my job. I showed up early for work (latterly everyday by at least 45min.) ready to work and learn! but you aren't giving me that. I feel that you guys are pushing me into a spot I don't want! I hate sanding parts! (it wasn't that I didn't want to do that work. because I didn't mind it! but that was every job I got! I rarely got to run the machines.) I came here for 1 reason, to learn to run the machines! about 2 weeks go by and they come to me and lay me off. "they said we are running short on work, and I could leave my box there. when work picks up I would be on the call back list."

In a way I feel like they layed me off because I pushed too hard to learn! but at the same time I feel like my foreman just wanted me out of there because I spoke my mind and I was honest. but I also know they where running short on work. maybe they will call me back? who knows? I know I cant wait around to find out! I've been putting in apps at every machine shop around here trying to get into another shop. with no luck. =( I've put in apps at every auto dealer, every auto dismantlers, ive probably put in 100 apps for any job that I think I can do and stop in and put in an app! it sux man! I don't know how some one can have a want to work! a drive to learn! and a ready to go attitude, and not be able to find a job? =( any way thanks for letting me vent guys =) im going to try to get some rest. 1 more day and Monday will be here and I can put in more apps. wish me luck!
subbietjw said:
In a way I feel like they layed me off because I pushed too hard to learn! but at the same time I feel like my foreman just wanted me out of there because I spoke my mind and I was honest.
When you hired in there, were you paid to "speak your mind and be honest" or to learn and become a machinist.
If "speaking your mind" was not a part of the job description, then "speaking your mind" becomes an activity, which obviously
engages other people, uses their time, and consumes time you are being paid to do productive work.

If your employer is interested in paying you to "speak you mind, and be honest" they will tell you that when you hire on.
If they do NOT, express interest in you "speaking your mind and being honest", then doing so, is probably a firing offense.

If you do not speak your mind, then you won't have to worry about "being honest." PLUS, you will maximize your production for the
company, and minimize your distraction of the other employees.
Be sure, next job, to ask right up front how much they pay for "speaking your mind" honest or not.
sometimes in the interest of the big picture(being employed and drawing a check each week) it is best to bite ones tongue and not vocalize ones feelings. Advancement can be a slow process with small steps. Burning bridges is never a good thing.It looks like a lot of young people expect overnight advancement-- Just my opinion, John
1 big thing you should always remember is that if you can eventually get the training you need, like a Machinest or Tool maker program, then you need to find an area like a small complex with several shops, it can be a situation where you could move around to get even more experience, a few guys I went to Toolmaker school with did exactly that.
ya It sucks I lost that job! I did enjoy it. when I spoke my mind it was to the foreman. I'm not saying I was right, im not saying I was wrong. but what was I supposed to do? ya a job is a job! but I believe when you tell some one something you stick to your word... I don't feel as though they did. =( I don't know... it is what it is... i'll find work... the question is when and where...
Problem for employees now days is in a shop with 30 cnc's, they only want 3 setup guys. Then they want just enough operators to so each guy runs 3 or 3 machines. They do this so they can pay as little as possible. Button pushers at 15 bucks an hour are a dime a dozen. Esspecially when their "made in America" product is 75% done in india. You have to show them somehow that you offer something in their benefit. When I was hired for my current job it was for button smashing on 3 lathes. Within 3 months they started an efficiency incentive program because I was running them out of work. Other guys in the shop were pretty hateful to me because of how much faster I worked. I'm now running 3 different lathes with live tooling, loader robots and doing programming, prototype and I haven't been pushed to finish up or hurry in a long time. I could program and repair machines before I got this job but took a year for them to realize I was smarter and a harder worker then the average joe. Has its ups and downs. I get the +.0002 - 0 jobs. Bottom line is bust your tail doing what ever they want you to do. Go above and beyond on everything you can. Stand out from the lazy guys. Don't ask why. Just say ok. Don't have the attitude of "I'll work harder if they pay me more". You have to work harder to show what you are worth. Never say you don't like what you are doing cuz there are always guys waiting to take your place.
When working your way up, you always start at the bottom.
In my trade I see guys come in, in two weeks time they think they can do the job better, when I hand them my trowel, they see pretty quick its harder than it looks.
In my trade you do your job as fast as you can, and then in your spare time you learn what you can
IMO, it's called "paying your dues..." and while it's frustrating, if you keep learning and volunteering to help even after hours for free, persistence and skill are rewarded. Just remember, you're there to serve them, not vice versa. If you want to call the shots, start your own company. And accept the requisite stress and responsibility..... not a bad way to go either, but each has its' benefits.
I went on a similar course when I was your age with the exception of going to vocational training for 640 hours without pay. Plus the course cost $2100. That's 4 months at 40 hours a week to land a job that paid $5 an hour. Mind you this was around 1987, but the kicker was that shortly after I was hired, they hired another dude off the street with zero experience for that same $5 per hour. I worked at this low paying place for twelve years before I actually got a decent paying job elsewhere. It sure wasn't easy, and from what I'm still isn't.
dont go broke while your looking for work . if they laid you off due to "lack of work" you have rights to your State Unemployment Benifits !!! file for unemployment draw 1 or 2 checks on them and see how fast work picks back up there . JMO ..............
dont go broke while your looking for work . if they laid you off due to "lack of work" you have rights to your State Unemployment Benifits !!! file for unemployment draw 1 or 2 checks on them and see how fast work picks back up there . JMO ..............

Mike, it really isn't much of a hassle for an employer when an employee is collecting benefits. You get audited on a regular basis, but it is a lot more affordable than paying a full-time employee just to keep him on the payroll. Employers have an advantage at the moment because there are people desperate for work. If you are doing unskilled labor you are way better off being a man about it and keeping your mouth shut and just do your job. It is also much easier to get hired by someone else when you already have a job. I recently took a new job that I didn't even apply for. A company who I have done business with in the past called me out of the blue and offered me the position. It has turned into being the hardest job I have ever had.

I have 3 options,
1)I Quit!
2)Start whining and complaining.
3)put my nose to the grindstone and be a man about it and do the task at hand.

I always choose option #3. In the past 2 months I have seen three guys get hired and watched the same 3 guys quit. Two of them didn't last the day and the 3rd made it 11 hours and didn't come back the next day. I can completely understand why, it just isn't in my personal makeup. When the going gets tough the tough get going. I have also seen a kid get fired who thought he was working hard when it was so obvious to every one else he wasn't. Either he had IBS or his work ethic was horrible. He is 22 years old so I'm guessing it was the latter of the two.

I make good money, but I am a firm believer if you pay a guy 50 cents to sweep a floor and the next day give him 5 dollars to sweep the same floor, if he has solid work ethic, the floor won't be any cleaner than it was when you only paid him 50 cents. I never complain at work, not ever. Anyone who is halfway intelligent can clearly see that what you are doing is not a fun task if it isn't a fun task.

The way you gain respect is to stay focused on why you need/have/want a job and shut up and get it done. People respect that far more than they do a cry baby. Believe it or not, the cream always rises to the top. I have always been known as a hard worker. Every day I leave work I know I did my best. I like to look a boss or owner in the eye when I get a paycheck and know I earned every single penny. I don't take scheduled breaks, but when I need a couple minutes I can take it and whoever works with me would never think of questioning why I need a couple minutes. Lead by example and try your best to be the best at every task that comes your way, always. You WILL be rewarded EVENTUALLY, whether it is by getting a promotion/raise or for knowing every day you work you kicked some butt. Personally, the self satisfaction in knowing you are a solid performer outweighs anything an owner could ever do for you. I have hired and paid for out of my own pocket, hundreds of employees over the years. The guy who sees something on the floor and picks it up while all the others either pretend they don't see it or simply kick it out of their way has always told me everything I needed to know as an employer.
im with you guys on a lot of the comments... but I didn't know what else to do? yes work is work! im not above any work out there! hell Ill work at the dump sorting trash if the pay is there to pay my bills!!! but what was I supost to do? take a job I hate and act like I love it and cant wait to do it every day... I cant do that... I went there with a purpose that they said they could offer... and I was more then willing to put my time in! but I just couldn't do it any more... it was just a big let down... you know... had they needed ditches dug, floors mopped, what ever I was all for it! but I just cant do sanding part after part after part... man give me a brake... I had sanded so many parts my finger tips where thin and would bleed through... idk... im mad at my self because I lost that job... but im also mad at them cause they didn't do what they said they would do... I should just put it behind me and keep walking! but its hard to do when what I wanted was right there and they wouldn't give it to me.. I didn't loose the job for lack of effort... I lost the job because I pushed too hard...
You lost the job for complaining about what they were paying you for. Ic you dont like a job look for a new one and when ons comes up put in your 2 weeks. Then when they ask why you are leaving, tell them then. You might end up with a raise to stay but atleast no bridge burned.
If its truly a crap job, the guy doing it now is hating it too. But hes got the paycheck.
I count my blessings but still take sleeping pills. my body tires, but my mind never stops. Its really a pain.
after 2years and no training time to look else where. you are gonna have to get some training in the feild otherwise you will be in the same boat./ Unemployment benifits also invlove training . go pick up your tools before they dissappear.
no joke... I spent a lot of money to fill that box last year!... but im in no rush... hoping next time they start to hire they'll see my box n call me back... never know... if they call n ask me to pick it up i'll know im not getting a call back... but at least I found an under the table construction job. it'll keep me floating tell I can get a 40+hr a week job...
It sounds to reason, that if they told you you could leave your toolbox, they intend to call you back. Why else would they suggest that you could leave it there. You knew that work had slowed down. -- I'd do just what Outlaw Racer said, file for the unemployment. Your losing time by not doing so right away. Some states have a waiting period after you file, before you can start collecting.
You could be your own worse enemy, if one of the other places you put an application in at, calls them for references they may think you don't want to come back.
Old saying goes; Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.