nemesis help.castor/camber


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thanks in advance,a lot of knowledge on here.i have an 03 nemesis on a 650ft 'martinsville' with a little bit of question is can I make an adjustment with the front end to get a little more "feel" of the front tires.i feel like I need a liitle more bite out of my right front.ive weighed it at 63.7 cross 55.4 left 44nose. 1 5/8front 1 1/4 -1 1/2 rear stagger.i haven't checked the front end yet but plan to one nite next week.if anyone has some reccomendations on set up im all last kart was a banshee 14yrs ago.
I will take some pics of my front end lines as they are now if anyone would take them on a text.thanks