nemesis help!!!!


i have a 04 nemesis. i was wondering if it could stiil win some races against the new chasis? i will be running in the flathead 375 lb. class at dawgwood speedway in chatsworth ga. any set up info would be very helpfull.
My son, won on a 2001 Phantom Banshee against many new style chassis last winter at BMI speedway. Don't be drug into the must keep up with the Jones mentality. I personally just sold a 2012 and bought an 07.
I personally feel the Nemesis would put you a few tenths behind per lap to begin with. You must consider that chassis is essentially 10 years old. Just think of the improvements in chassis innovation in the past 10 years. You have to be on your A game in order to be competitive on any chassis that old.

As for a set-up, I'd like to start out with something like:

Nose: 45.5%
Left: 54.0%
Cross: 68.0%

LF: +0.5
RF: -3.25

LF: 8
RF: 12

Front: 1.25"
Rear: 0.75"

Rear track width: 39.0-39.25" (RR rim 1/8-3/16" from frame rail)
I had 04 nemo and I had 57 cross and same left side percentage.also had asphalt spindles and l-blocks..the cart won 12 races out of 15..sob was a jet..
The LR slugs do two things: they change the cross in the kart and they change the rake.

On the Icon I recommend using them to get the appropriate amount of rake and get the cross you want some other way. I'd run the 1/8 slugs hole down in the bottom cassette hole.