nemesis question


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What would be the purpose of cutting the bar that comes from the cross bar and goes towards the lr on a nemesis in half
they come that way from the factory, it is so that you can control how the chassis flex's and how it works the left rear. i have heard that bigger drivers want to leave it open and smaller/lighter drivers may put a clamp on it to stiffen the lr of the chassis
When I ran the Nemisis chassis I had a clamp that resembled the lock collars on the axel jus a different id. At tracks that were wet I would not run the clamp and the tracks that were hard I would install the clamp to stiffen up the chassis. The Nemisis is already a pretty soft chassis as it is.
The only thing I ever seen the clamp on a Nemy used for was a paper weight.
Some guys that ran high bite concrete/asphalt would use it, but other than that it wasnt ever used
I heard it was, But just wanna ask someone that has one, & has raced one, But i guess i'll find out Saturday if it is or not!
Our Early model CKS LTO kart has a torsion bar with clamps. We have a Nemesis and an old CKS, it looks like that clamp may work. Not sure if they still sell them or if they are the correct size, may be worth checking into if they are wanted.