nemesis spindles converting to icon spindles!!!!


im running an o4 nemesis and wanting to update my front spindles to the icon spindles. im running a flathead brigs in the 375lb. class. which left side and which right side should i run? im running at dawgwood speedway, its a clay track semi banked sweeping corners 1/5 mile track. ive seen the conversion kit at prc. website but not for sure what spindles to run. any help would be muchly appreciated.
Get the New Seraph spindles. The Left Front needs to be an X-Factor for more Cross and standard Seraph Right Front spindle. Get the conversion kit for the washers also, don't try to just add more washers. The conversion kit spacers make it easy to change ride height and weight percentages.
thanks alot. the info. is very helpfull, im very new to kart racing and on a tight budget for now.