Nerf Bars?

Zach Jaynes

New member
Does anyone know of a source to get nerf bars for older karts? I have a '01 Nemesis and my son has a '02 Infiniti Jr sportsman champ kart. My nerfs are fine but I want to get a swoop body when I replace mine and I'm afraid that they are too tall. My son's are a little banged up and I'd like to replace them. I have a tubing bender but I don't have any dies near small enough and I'd rather just buy new ones than try to get setup to build them. Do chassis manufacturers usually continue to sell nerfs/bumpers on karts for several years after they are produced? Thanks in advance.
My Nemisis has had the existing verticals on the nerf bars cut off and then shorted and rewelded to allow for a swoop body to be mounted on it. I didn't do it that way personally but it works :)

Thanks for the responses guys. In another month or so I'm going to strip the karts down and I'll look into getting some then. Thanks again
We have the shorty nerfs in stock at Ward Karting. Give us a call and we can get them shipped out to you right away.

Tammy Ward
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