New and Improved Kryptonite II


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Our first product that will be getting a makeover is our original inside treatment, Kryptonite. When we first made the Kryptonite we were still running Firestones and thin rubber Blue Maxxis. A lot has changed since then as well as the chemicals it takes to internally prepare tires. We have been testing many different inside treatments over the last 5 years and finally decided it was time to offer the public a "New and Improved" version of our Kryptonite. Our biggest concern was finding the proper balance between chemicals to operate on a local Saturday night event as well as racing in the highest level in the country. We feel confident that our "New and Improved" Kryptonite will be one of the most versatile internal treatments on the market. Here is a list of what you will see and what to expect with using the new Kryptonite.

~ 1 point duro drop per 10cc's used on a 9.00 tire.
~ more grip than your traditional inside treatments.
~ a tire that will take 8-10 weeks before the need to reroll.

Look for the "New and Improved" Kryptonite to hit the shelves within the next 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 336-474-3500.


Vs. How many points drop per 10cc on a 9.00 tire does the original give you? Are you saying its now less of a softener and more of a conditioner/bite chemical now?