New at this


What Kart and what %'s did you scale it out to ?
That's the first question to get asked.
Front end % too low would make it push.
Get in the turn the front end slides up the track any ideals what to check or do?
It's not that easy could be 20 different things, what class and weight ? where did you race ? as mentioned which tires , were they staggered ? and were they prepped ?
Which chassis and have you scaled it out with you in it ? If so what were your numbers and cambers ?
We'll gladly help you understand your issue more and help fix it, If you just answer the few questions ask giving more details will help us pin point it better, front end slide could be low nose weight, could be no bite in the tires, could be way to low rear stagger, cambers could be way off, could be combination of some or all I just posted, If you've never scaled the kart out there is your biggest problem.


Most rookies go into the turn to fast and low then try to make up for it by turning the wheel too much which makes it worse. Slow down, get to the outside going into the turn, turn the wheel a little bit and hold it steady as you turn down to the inside of the turn.