New engine builder?


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I'm looking for an engine builder that I can trust to build my son a fast gold plate animal engine and get it done when they say it will be done, I've used two different builders for my flatheads and both didn't get them done for me when promised. Thanks for any info.


There are a lot of great builders out there, make some calls find out what their turn around times are and go from there. Some builders are busier than others, and some do it as a hobby and not a full time job. Kevin Smith @ KSR has great customer service and he always completed my stuff when I needed it. Matt Chavis also does good work on Animals and has great service.

Ryan Thompson

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Chavis Motorsports or Turner is where I would send mine if I was looking to. Miller is good but way too busy and wont answer the phone..Ive called 5 times before and let voicemails each time saying I wanted to purchase 3 new motors and never a call back so I guess hes happy with what customers he has already. I feel like maybe he would be too busy to give you the best he can always. KSR is good too. Theres tons of good ones and all very close and any can win any given day, I would call around and find who talks to you the best, gives you there time, and makes you feel comfortable with them. Some you will just not like at all, so start calling chavis, turner, xcaliber, miller, sbr, ksr, and id also call Tony power, he will give you his best and is a great person. He will talk with you whenever and really is a racers friend..631 433 3295


Turner has great service. Always shipped out on time and his turn around time is always quick. Never had an engine show up late in 17 yrs with him.