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Ohio All Stars

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With the amount of interest, and a small conversation with Mr. Bergfelt, I have decided to work with UAS administrators around the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia area to create a somewhat "stepping stone" series for the UAS.
Rules applied will be for series points races only, somewhat similar to the UAS, simply implying a 160cc limit for 2 cycles and 440cc limit on 4 strokes, Air-Cooled only. The weight formulas applied will be as follows..

2 stroke
Rotary/Reed - 230 pounds + 1 pound per 1cc.
Piston Port - 200 pounds + 1 pound per cc.
1 cyclinder, No water cooled 2 cycles or mx engines, no exceptions.

4 Stroke
Flathead - 190 pounds + 1 pound per 3cc.
Overhead Valve push rod - 200 pounds + 1 pound per 2.5cc.
1 Cylinder, No MX engines or water cooled 4 stroke, no exceptions.

-Along with the attempt to refrain from conflicting schedules with other series in the area, I will be working on having one or two 1/4 point national races running to the FULL UAS RULES AS THEY ARE ON THE WEBSITE. Not our points series rules!
Also Mark has suggested working with the APUAS, NWOUAS, and possibly the OVUAS (if still available) Illinois or Pennsylvania series to have a DIVISIONAL race of our own.

I am working on a facebook page and still need to contact bordering administrators, track owners etc. to keep from conflicting schedules. I think we are all waiting for the tracks to announce their schedules before we jump in.
Suggestions are always welcome, but Keep the negativity and belligerence to yourself :)

Nick Hopper - O.A.S. Administrator

I think that's a great idea and I think it will succeed. I wish you well.

thanks. If the people who talked the talk actually commit, it will be successful.

Forgot to add, if anybody has any questions or concerns text me anytime or call between 4-6 pm. 513-544-3419
Jerry thats subject to change, if we can all agree on certain duals for both 2 and 4 strokes and proper weights for them, i have no issue. Its up to the majority, not me.
Sounds like a good start. Just don't go adding all of those bigger engines or you will just end up with another UAS series. Single cylinder air cooled engines. And don't forget those mean Jawa's are air cooled. lol

Brian #89
I was just checking thats all, it's fine with me I had a customer ask if twins could run in that series and I told him that I wouldn't see why not but we would have to see what they said about it if the series was started because at the time it was just in the beginings of setting rules up. thats all.. I have a Jawa that is only 380cc's and it makes real good power for it's size but I already know I can't run it with you guys and I'm good with that, We are not planning on racing much next year anyways so it's not a big deal.. I do have some friends that are going to race with you though, I hope things take off for this Ohio series.
I hear that that Warning feller has one mean 305. I might have seen it in action a time er two.

Would be nice to see a role call of everyone interested in and intending on racing in this series.

I might be able to make a few if I can just get this house I have for sale sold.

Brian #89
Jerry, anyway you can be included as far as you having the legal engine package I would love to have good competition like yourself join. Like I said lets stick to the basics in this series, BUT remember you will have at least one 1/4 points race and hopefully a divisional close to home :)
Brian good idea, role call would be nice!
I have plenty of legal engines that I can run, we may run some races depending on the schedule. I had a guy ask me if there is an age limit?
16 and up for OUR series races. 18+ for the national points and/or divisional. HOWEVER, if a person young or old shows they cant handle the track or horsepower they will be asked politely to sit out.
what about making a true RWYB class grouped by lap times with no weight restrictions? for the guys who want to run the bigger engines? but still keep the engine limit to 500cc 4 stroke, and 250cc 2 stroke? and add twin engines. just my thoughts.
Ohio All Stars stick with the original structure you came up with.....I got a 116cc to play with!
Columbus fairgrounds and North Vernon fairgrounds used to my home tracks till they died out, now the closest place to run what we have on a weekly basis is Princeston and the closest the UAS comes is Laweranceburg
Nick, I think what you are doing is pretty cool. Steppin up and puttin yourself out there. Hope it works out, good luck man!