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I raced dirt oval karts a bit 25 yrs ago when I was 13 but haven't been involved in the sport since due to racing motocross. That chapter has ended and I'm looking to start anew with four wheels.

My dilemma is, I don't know what the heck I'm buying. I'd appreciate any information you can give me as far as what brand and age chassis can I buy and still be competitive? I realize that setup is a big part of the equation but I'd like to buy the components that will help me be competitive from the get go yet have the ability to get better as my tuning and driving skills advance.

I'll be running on 1/8th mile dirt.

Is there a good all around tire or are the tires dirt specific?

What type clutch and gearing would this track require with clone vs. Animal?

I'll be looking for a used kart but want to know what to look for on a $2500 budget.
Welcome to B4C, you should fill out profile so people know where your at, there are a lot of great people that will be willing to help you.
Kansas City area. I'll mainly be racing at a private track that gets 10-12 entries per class on any given night.
Call Scott Racing in Basehor Ks or Fairfields in Independence( both advertisers on this site with links to their sites) Both great folks that won't steer you wrong.
If there's anything we can help you with, please feel free to give us a call.
If you can find a decent kart locally, that'll be your best bet, since it generally costs $125 - $175 to ship a kart (so you'd have to figure that into your purchase price.) It's also nice to be able to see exactly what you are buying.
We typically sell pretty nice used kart packages within your budget. I've got two used chassis and plenty of fresh engines, etc that would get you rolling if you are unable to find something local to you. We stand behind everything we sell (as would most dealers I'm sure.)

Welcome back to karting and welcome to Bob's 4 cycle! (get ready to learn!)

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
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