New Item Give Away From Team Valhalla Racing

We’ve got a new item that we’ll be rolling out in the next couple weeks, but we thought that we would give 4 people the opportunity to be the first to get one… free.

This is how it’s going to work…

Sometime during the day on 11/11/13, we’re going to post a picture on our Facebook page of a very small section of the item. The first 4 people to correctly guess what it is will win.

If, after a few days, no one has guessed correctly what it is, we’ll post another picture and expose more of the item and maybe even give a clue or two.

*For the first 4 to correctly guess what it is, we’ll send them one at no cost. Somethin’ for nothin’… you don’t see that very often in kart racing!

To be eligible to win, you must have liked the Team Valhalla Racing Facebook page.

All guesses must be posted on the Team Valhalla Racing Facebook page.

We’ll post the picture on our Facebook page on November 11th, so that gives you a week to like our page and be ready post your guess.

So, if you’re interested, jump over to the Team Valhalla Racing Facebook page by clicking and like us. Be sure and check in off and on during the day on 11/11/13 to see when we post the picture.

Good luck!

*Free shipping of the item applies only to the continental United States. If you are a winner of the item, but live outside the United States, you are still entitled to the item, but must pay the USPS International fees.
Just a quick reminder about our give away.

There's a few days yet until we post the picture, but if you're interested in having a chance to get one of these things free, don't forget to like us on our Facebook page.

Have a good one today!

Steven Peters
Team Valhalla Racing
That didn't take long... Got our four winners within an hour!

Good job everyone, thanks for playing. Stay tuned for the next one.