New Kart Seats, Tillett and more


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Lots of kart seats for sale. These seats are brand new. Please e-mail the shop for questions
If you want to know the shipping cost, I am in 55406, Minneapolis, the boxes are 18*18*24, est weight 7lbs for one, 12lbs for 2.

(Birel OEM Small, Birel OEM ExLg, $65 ea + shipping ),
(Deepseat 12, Deepseat 16, $125 ea + shipping),
(FPS XL, $65 ea + shipping),
(OTK 1A. $65 ea + shipping ),
(SAMS Full Cover med. (Like Tillett), $125 ea + shipping ),
(Tillett T8 Qtr Pad ExSm, Tillett T8 Qtr Pad Sm, Tillett T8 Qtr Pad MedSm, Tillett T8 Qtr Pad MedLg, $125 ea + shipping ),
(Tillett T8 Full Pad MedSm, Tillett T8 Full Pad MedLg, $145 ea + shipping ),
(Tillett T8 Plain ExSm, Tillett T8 Plain Sm, $95 ea + shipping ),
(Tillett T12 Qtr Pad MedSm, Tillett T12 Qtr Pad MedLg, $145 ea + shipping ).
All seats are brand new, no holes!

Please reference these sites for seat sizing questions
Deepseats are measured across the back, under the arms.