New lift tool for AKRA tech/build


AKRA wishes to clarify how the new lift tool is to be used for the duration of 2020. In the event a competitor is out of spec on either intake or exhaust at the retainer he/she may request the new tool for a second check. The new tool checks true lift at the valve stem. If that check shows out of spec the engine is considered out of spec.
If a competitor is called out of spec by the new tool that would be used first, the competitor may request the the engine be checked by the original method at the retainer. If the second check by the original method at the retainer shows the competitor to be in spec the engine is to be considered in spec.
For the present time AKRA is giving the benefit of the doubt to the karter. Because the tool is just making its way to the field in the hands of the tech and some builders it is in the introduction phase. The tool will be the only tool to be used in the near future by AKRA.
In review of the above for the duration of the 2020 season the new tool is to be used as a second check if requested.
NOTE: when using the new tool make sure the dial indicator is set to “0” after the engine has been determined to be at TDC. TDC can be found by using a used pushrod or other method to visually see when the piston stops. Degree wheel not necessary.
If you would like to see how it works click on the link
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