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Hey all, im a new member and I have a few questions. I got this kart from a guy who owed me some money, he always knew i liked the kart and wanted to get into raceing so he gave it to me to settle a debt. only thing I really know about it is that its a infiniity chassis and it has a braggs and stratton endne that runs on methonal. Outside of that im kind of lost He told me that its worth $2500 and is ready to race all I need is a helmet, so if any one can offer some insight on what exactly i have and maybe what its worth it would be greatly apreceated. Thank you[/IMG]

here is a pic of the engine. like I said i know nothing about these, I do a lot of mechanic work but not on karts.
Oh its a SPR, Flathead , Briggs and Stratton, great little motor you got there ! Good looking chassis to, whats it say Infinity ?
Theres probably some stamped in numbers on the rear caliper mounting bracket or the right front spindle area that will tell you the year model. I'm not real familier with the Infinity stampings but there will be some on here that can help you.
You can go over to the chassis threads and Infinity is on there these guys will give you some help on the chassis. Its a fairly new chassis it has the heims joint adjustable front end , thats good !
Race ready it depends on the chassis year, how fresh the engine is, tires how much tread is left, there's too many factors to list.
The last owner said the tires are new and the engine only had one race on it. Evan a ball park figure would work for me.
Man thats hard to say !.... and I'm by no means an apprasier. There will probably be some more guys on here that might know. Sorry !
Welcome to the Forum! Theres no body on it in the pic you posted, did it come with one? Did you get any spare parts with it? Im not familiar with Infinity, but those tires look new if those are the tits that Im seeing. Ive never ran Maxxis, but Im assuming those are the Maxxis blues?