NEW Phone Number 704-485-2020 & Location

Dover Power

NEW Phone Number 704-485-2020 & Location

It come to our attention that our Old Phone Number no longer has the automatic roll over to our new Phone Number.. It was for 3 months.. Here is all the info

Dover Power LLC
16400 Buster Rd
Oakboro NC 28129
Phone > 704-485-2020 or 704-485-2024 (Land Lines)
Email >
Hours of Operation > Monday - Thursday 10am - 7pm Friday 10am - 3pm (Eastern Std Time)
Online Store > (New Store Make Over & Pricing Coming Soon)

* Our NEW Speed Seeker Series Engines are scoring wins across the USA, Our Planting a Graden Promotion ends March 1st..
* We just received our New Clutch Line, no name on them yet. Its simular to the NorAM GE Clutch. Pricing and pictures will be up on the store soon.
* Our Goldie Locks Disc Clutch is in its 8th season and going strong, quaulity USA Built at a reasonable price... NOW for 2019 we have a LOW FRICTION UPdate Kit, all our clutches are updatable or you can buy the clutch with the UpDates installed. (Very Limited amount available) They will be listed on the store within a few days.. This new update DOES NOT make the regular version obsolete, its very hard to reinvent the wheel, the Goldie Locks Clutch has been a Iron Horse and we have sold Hundreds with minimum issues..
* Mona Dover is Now a Tupperware Consultant, Ladies you can earn FREE Tupperware for just openning up your FaceBook Page and have a online party, ideal canidates need to have a decent amount of friends to invite, once thats done Mona basically takes over and sets up the party for you.. It last one week and the more your friends buy the more you receive in return.. Its a no loose situation.. You also can join the Tupperware Team, Contact Mona for details, both Party or Joining The team... Tupperware has a lifetime warranty, been around for 70 years, its not by accident..
* More News coming,, stay tuned

Jerry & Mona Dover