New Pricing Info. Caroga Creek Speedway~Racing Tonight 6/22!


New pricing at CCS, Saving you $$!

Caroga Creek Speedway inc.
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Thank you very much for all your support. We have listened to all your great feedback from our inquiry post this week and will continue to evaluate changes needed to strengthen our Sport we are currently working on class Structure and Tires which will save Significant money! Staff at CCS have been busy this week making changes trying to help the RACERS now. 1st We had to analyzed finances, cost and have came up with a new Plan moving forward which we hope will help.
Tonight's Racing Action will start CCS new entry and Gen Admission Pricing.
A-Verdi Storage Containers Presents
6/22 Regular Point's Program.
Gen Admin Pricing.
Ages 0-4 free
Ages 5-12 $5
Ages 12-60 $10
Ages 60+ $5
RACERS will now sign in at Pit gate Receive there designated wrist band then will sign up at window there they will be required to pay a Flat Rate of $30 for weekly Racing ONLY. Each Racer will only Pay once. No more pit passes for driver's. The New payout chart will be posted at track.
Trophy Classes will Receive same Awards as before.
Clash Races will be as follows
$50 flat rate Entry 100% payback Top 3 min based on kart count. Most Run one supporting class day of event to Race the Clash.
Every 10 karts CCS will add $100 to winner's Share. We are also actively seeking sponsors to increase these purses.
Thank you for your Patience with our Remodeling as we still haven't completed all projects.
Also Stay tuned in coming weeks as we will Release info for "Race For The Trades"
Thank you Sincerely Todd

Gates Open @ 3PM / Hot Laps Approx. 5:30PM. Concession will be Open!
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