New setup page


Kris Larson went through the setup sheets and created a new format that is much easier to use. Please look at it and let me know if there are any errors or corrections to be made. I haven't finished editing the third page yet, but it is also posted.

To see the new grid format page click:
Then click on:
Chassis tuning in grid format, pages 1-2 (Thanks to Kris Larson)

Let me know if I need to change something or if any of the suggested tuning tips are wrong.
Pages 3-4 are now done too. Please, if I've made any errors let me know. I don't want to mess someone up with their setups.
Take a look at "Loose in the rear (over-steer)" on page 3; do you mean it to read as printed now, "narrower rear tires", or do you mean "narrower rear track"? Lots of ways to skin that cat as you point out, but narrowing the rear track makes a little more sense when combined with the next phrase about wider rear tires. Just a thought, since I'm lazy, so depending on how bad the condition is, the first thing I usually do is pull th RR in or move the whole track to the left, or pull the LR in if it's loose on exit.