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I wouldn't and don't think any tires guys would recommend sanding with 80 grit, the best tire guy's here start with 150 grit and finish with 240 grit, keep them moist while sanding windex is fine.
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From the OP's name, I'd say he's from the southeast, where just about everywhere runs Maxxis.
I'd agree with racing promoter that you'll want to finish with something finer than 80g.
Now, if you were running here locally in the midwest or at a dusty track in the plains, you might get away with that coarser grit, but even then, I go back over them with something finer like 120 or 150g.
Soft tracks, or dry loose marbley surfaces like tires with a coarser finish.
Hard bit up surfaces like a much smoother finish.

On the right surface, scuffing the tires on the track for a few laps, then setting them up in the attic of your garage for a couple months might be the ticket.

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What is the advantage of scuffing over sanding? Is it always preferable to scuff over sanding?

The main difference that I see is on the track performance. Even when I sand tires I will scuff them before running them. I have always found that a sanded Maxxis will take a couple laps to come in vs a scuffed tire. The Maxxis will slide a lap or 2 until you get the sand marks smoothed out. This is from my experience with 240 grit.