New to B4C and have chassis ?'s New to Karting also.


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Just want to say Hey to everyone. I'm new to karting and the forum. I would like to get a kart and run, but would like some more info on what is the best chassis for a guy my size and weight to run at any of the tracks in The Greensboro NC area. I've been hearing all kinds of things about big tube outer rail small inner blah blah blah dont know what all that is. So can someone please give me some insight to a good chassis that is going to fit a 5'8" stocky 260 lbs guy to run super heavy in. please dont be afraid to post anything. i am not wanting to spend a fortune to find out i cant compete at a decent track.
Welcome to bobs, you should check out the tracks you wanna run and ask questions about what classes there are, and feel to ask questions here too, there are many really good people here
Congrats on coming aboard. Welcome to Bob's . lots of great folks with tons of info. Good luck on your racing
99% of the karts in the classified section here will fit your need, dont worry about big tube right side rail or not, because both will work for you, but you will want an offset chassis for oval racing
Dont buy anything older than 04-05 IMO.
Hit the local track you plan on running and ask what Engine/ Tire rules are in place, that way you dont buy the wrong engine or tires, also what classes are available
Dont worry about competing right away, seat time right now will be more important, karting isnt something a new person comes into and win's/ run up front right away, there is a very large learning curve in karting, understanding chassis setup-tire selection-tire prep are things that will take time to learn.
Have fun
We have run at the tracks local to your area in super heavy, and had very good results with our Infiniti Epic with 1 3/8 rail. Very good, consistent chassis with a large tuning window for tires. The other posters are correct, a good tire program is essential to running up front. There are usually very competitive fields at Liberty and Coleridge in the 400 and 425 classes. Luckily, there are many tire gurus in the general area to get good advice from. Donnie Nall, Matt Connell, Andy Murray, are all BIG names in the Southeast, and are all local to the Triad area. TracTac is just in Thomasville, and Eric Rendleman may be coming back into prepping as well. Try to make acquaintances around the tracks to see what you can learn, but be careful of people who may just be trying to sell you their old stuff to get rid of it. Good luck.
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Welcome to Bob's! Good luck with your racing and remember to have fun! Like was said earlier. Go check out the tracks you plan on racing and ask place to start.