New to Karting...Building this as i type..Anyone know what it is??


Got a brand new GX390 with stage 1. I live in a HUGE neighborhood and will only be terrorizing my neighbors with this cart. Need advice on what sprockets and also a seat that will leave me room for a torque converter. ANY HELP is appreciated!! I'm ready to get this on the road. I have 3 other carts also. My son's ride them. One Two seater Carter and 2 I'm not sure of? Two have Predators bone stock. Then I have a one seater with a B&S no governor that probably runs around 42-45mph. Eager to get this project finished though and Im looking for a nice mix of good acceleration and also max top end. Definitely removing governor. Please help me choose my next step. (Hemi orange paint already finished this morning.) Where should i begin? Im ready to buy seat, mount motor, and sprockets....Thanks guys..Sorry I'm such a newb but we all had to start somewhere!!


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Dawg 89
Racing around the neighborhood is not good practice , unsafe for the kids .
A dedicated area with limited access by the automobile operating public
Would be best .