New to karting, Picked up my first kart, have many questions


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Hello Everyone, my name is Joel, and I am new to karting. I have been thinking about picking up a used kart for some time now, and a contractor at my work had one for sale for dirt cheap, so I picked it up as a Christmas present to myself, hey I deserve it! Anyways, it is a Birel kart chassis and a clone motor. I am wanting to practice and eventually race it at my local tracks (Prarie City, Blue Max, Dixon) which I believe have WKA rules. The clone motor is currently running alcohol, which after doing research, is not allowed at the tracks, so I will need to switch it over to gas. As I understand it, I need to change the main jet out in the carb to a smaller size. I have also read that the timing may have been advanced and it would need to be put back to stock with the key as well. I asked the previous owner about it and he said that the did not advance the timing, so I should be OK with just a jet change, any thoughts?? Next question I have is type of header and muffler, what is legal for WKA rules? The kart has a metal chrome rear tubular bumper, so I need a plastic one? Or will this work? (it cover about half the rear wheels). That's about all of the questions I have for now, thank you in advance. Merry Christmas!
There’s a guy in Folsom, terry ives, (916-201-7707)
A good friend of mine, and has a shop. I’m sure if you call, he can supply you with anything you might need, including, answering all your questions.
He’s a very knowledgeable person, been in karting for close to 50 years, and he’s a nice guy.
Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
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