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I am new to karting and was wondering what is a good chassis for dirt oval racing. any other advice about kart racing would be appreciated as well
welcome to bob's bryan, before you go buy anything go to the tracks you're looking at running and ask questions
I'd suggest first contacting your local dealers and see what they are selling/promoting in your area. Local support can go a long way when you're just getting started. There are LOTS of "good" chassis, and you'd be fine on most any that are properly set-up for your track and application. Getting the customer support will help speed up the learning curve significantly. Of course, many manufacturers and mail order shops offer support as well, but they may not be familiar with your particular track, etc.
If there's anything that we can do to help get you up and rolling, feel free to contact us.

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welcome to karting and B4C . if you are getting started in karting i think you should look at used (good used ) equipment first and dont go overboard . make sure this is what you want to do first . and buy from guys who have been selling things for a while with good reputation as sellers . ask lots of questions . and dont run to the fastest class running , work your wayup with seat time :)
if your looking for a chassis go with a phantom, charger, or trick if you are looking for a engine builder go with renegade racing engines or jrpw
Could anyone tell me if there are any dealers in ky. I couldn't find one.

I live about an hour from springfield in Liberty, where the bluegrass nationals were held a couple of weeks ago. I am right off hwy 127. I have an 06 Millenium Tempest kart for sale that is race ready, with tires and wheels on it, box stock clone engine, red swoop body, it is a great kart for a beginner to learn on and can still be competitive anywhere you want to take it. I finished in the top 5 at the nationals and at turkey buzzard this past weekend on this kart. It would be perfect for what you are wanting. I also have a 12' enclosed trailer to sell with it if you are looking for a trailer and kart both. You can Pm me if you want to talk price and i will discuss it with you or can give you any info and pics you need.
Welcome to Bob's. There are tons of used karts out there , just try to stay with a chassis less then 10 years old if possible , you will want a large tube frame offset not a straight rail . And most important go to races and walk around and see what all the drivers are using .