New to kt100


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I just bought 4 kt100s for 250 and know nothing about them. I got them for a project just to do something and have fun with. If anyone can help with any info it would be greatly appreciated.


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Are they complete? If not, you will need to get out your checkbook. You'll need an electric starter, motor mount, depending on what these were raced in you could need exhaust and attachments and a clutch.


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Clutches or jackshaft?
First rotate the crank listsen/feel for noise or scrapes.
Check for loose bearing by raising or wiggling the crank verticaly.
Next look through the exhaust port for signs of scoring , broke ring or burn't piston .
After that you can start them or pull head for further inspection of cylinder.
There should be a small rectangular piece on the chain guard typically .
It's your ignition box/device .
Simple little engine.
Carbs may need rebuilt , pulse line from crankcase to carb needs to be connected.
8 ounces of oil to the gallon .


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I have one that has a jack shaft is no pulley attached to it. It’s belt driven. I have another that’s complete that’s clutch driven.


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If you are interested in getting rid of the jackshaft, let me know and we might be able to work something out.