New to R2C filters


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I got 2 r2c clone filters in a buy out a couple years ago and have finally decided to give them a try. Our aftermarket filters we normally wash in simple green or dawn, same with prefilters. We also use klotz air filter oil.

Would I do the same for the r2c filters or is there a difference with them?


Unless your running on a track with no dust I would just leave them where they have been since you got them.


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ive tried a few different R2C's, including the one that is a filter within a filter, if youre running on a track with lots of dust, they simply don't work anywhere near as good as the oil type filters IMO.....had a motor with an excessive amount of dirt collected in the crankcase, no to mention the carb.....


Yep. Sometimes the best change to make is no change. Oiled filter is the way to go. (Oiled properly of course)

I run the oiled ones with outerwear prefilter only. Get 4 or 5 and change them regularly.