New trailer setup ideas and pitcart

So i jus got a 8 x16 enclosed trailer that has plywood walls but other than that is bare. I need some opinions on what you think is most/least important to have in there and where abouts inside the trailer is it for optimum use. Also im thinking of building a warwagon and needs some ideas on size and ground clearance along with what you guys find most helpful in there at the track. Thanks ahead of time
Generator..... if you mount it on the tongue (bolt it down good to prevent theft) be sure and make a cover for it to keep it from weather damage. Lights......use floresant for the inside of the trailer, but use T-5 light fixtures. Two, 2 bulb, four footers inside should be plenty. One 2 bulb, with 18" small chain with hooks, will be good to put up in your easy up tent. put outlets in your trailer and carry a few extension cords and you should be good to go. old type flouresant will work, but they require a lot more amps and without a heavy generator the ballasts won't last long. You mentioned a war wagon, but there are several different types. We have two different ones, but I may part with the custom built one that is actually a kart stand with onboard air tank and underneath storage. Aluminum treadplate top with white sheet metal covering. Custom built, pretty trick and pretty cool. If you are interested, pm me.
Be sure not to put everything in the front of the trailer, you will end up overloading the tongue weight rating of the vehicle. Cabinets full of spare parts gets heavy quickly. Yes you will probably load the kart(s) in last but look at your layout and figure it so they can go down the center of the trailer. Let the trailer axle(s) do their job and carry weight.
Thanks guys gor the replies i thought about the tongue weight situation already tryin to decide whether i should mount the generator or not