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My son Cam has started racing karts, he 6 years old and has been racing Motocross for last 2years but said he wanted to Rae karts so I got one with a clone motor red plate Burris 33 2014 ultramax. Took him to a track to practice and he loved it but with all the rules I want to run away lol how the heck do you ppl keep up and Kn all of them lol I order a arka book but still there a lot to this kart racing I wouldn’t mind getting me one but with all the rules may get more confusing
WELCOME don't worry about digesting it all nor being able to be hands on with everything, I've been doing this a long time Racing a Nephew since age 4 mostly while Promoting a track for 16 yrs, other than a few parts using NO GO gauges I could not tech a motor If my life depended on it, your track of choice should have a tech man to reach out to make sure your motor is legal, Rub shoulders with some experienced adult racers at the track most all will help out a kid, BEST thing as DAD you can do is not to push it to quickly and don't get caught up in being all about competitiveness, let it progress as it may and JUST enjoy, of course learn where you can but start with only worrying about the basics you can find all the info you need on this site somewhere, don't be afraid to ask questions on this site as well, You will need to get the Kart set-up for him make sure the seat is mounted properly, then get it scaled with a base line in it they will also set cambers and toe, Get as much Tire info for your track as you can and go from there.

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It gets easier. The more you watch races and learn terms it’s not bad. That being said it can get difficult if you swap tracks and they race a totally different set of rules like NKA. It doesn’t change much but enough. Ask lots of questions and keep your ears open at the track. Read through the book. You’ll get it! We started last year with a 6 and 8 year old not knowing anything, and by the halfway point we were competitive and eventually winning locally. I don’t say this to boast but to encourage you to keep going. This is one of the only sports where the whole family is a team. You’ll make moments you’ll never forget. Let us know what you would like to know specifically. I don’t race those rules in my area but there’s plenty here that do.


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Thanks guys, yea I hope it gets easier but we want give up, he is Mx champion but has really started taking on the kart stuff and talking about all the time. I was a Mx guy so I Kn all about it but this is like wow but our goal in everything is to just have fun. I always said if he told me he didn’t want race Mx we wouldn’t and well he hasn’t said it yet but maybe coming but I am glad he is wanting to race something. I’m just glad someone has said they started out knowing nothing because I have never even really watched nascar but have been to some dirt track if that counts lol


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This maybe somewhere but what does cut tires mean also if u buy a new set r they no good till u get them cut?


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Typically tires are mounted up on wheels.
Then put on a tire lathe.
The material is removed to provide a differnt profile and or reduce tread depth . As needed.
No plenty race new tires, there are some designed as thick or thin tread .
There are times they are needed it's a competitive edge .
This maybe somewhere but what does cut tires mean also if u buy a new set r they no good till u get them cut?

If you do get a set cut/shaved run as many laps on them as you can before the race. Find a good prep program I suggest track tac they will help you the best they can. Good luck!!
This also depends on the brand and tread depth of the tires that you are running.
Some tires (Maxxis, etc) come already in .060" thin rubber and need very little "Cutting" done to them.
Others, like Burris 33As which are .110" thick rubber, really need to be cut to be fast.

There's an old article on our website that may be of some help to you in your learning curve.

Now, some of the information may be a bit dated, but I think it'll help either way.

There is a wealth of information on this site as well, if you do some searching/digging and asking.

Of course, if there's ever anything that we can help you with, please feel free to contact us at the shop number listed below, or drop me a note on here.

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